Miscellaneous Demos

Miscellaneous scripts don't fall under any of the other category topics.


The PHP guestbook script allows visitors to post comments on your web site. Features industry-leading SPAM prevention.

Click Counter

Want to know how many times a link has been clicked or a file downloaded? This script will track clicks and display stats.

Link Manager

Automate your reciprocal link exchange with this free PHP script. It will verify that your link is active before the exchange.

Message Board

A very simple message board script, useful for web sites that don't need or want big, complex and often empty forums.

Help Desk Software

A powerful PHP ticket support script with an integrated knowledgebase. Improve and optimize your customer support.

Random Image

Use this PHP script to show random images from a folder of your choice. But not just images, it works with any files.

Hit Counter

Counts the number of visits (hits) to a web page. You can choose from several display styles and easily add new ones!

Text Hit Counter

Another PHP hit counter that shows the count using text instead of images. Easily modify the look to fit into your design.

Random Text

This PHP script will show random text, HTML code or a quote from your list. Display text either using Javascript or as a PHP include.